Simply put, he’s a backwoods saucier with a passion for exceptional barbecue sauce.

How Mahoney's Gold BBQ Sauce was created from the creator himself.

In 1992, I decided to improve a barbecue sauce recipe that had been passed down to me from my grandmother. I made several batches of sauce, each time adjusting the ingredients until I was satisfied with the flavor. When I made a gallon of sauce for a friend's pig roast, he tasted it and said, "You're in the wrong line of work. You've got a goldmine in that sauce." That's how my sauce got the name Mahoney's Gold.

I'm excited to share my sauce with the world. I'm confident that you'll love it as much as my friend did.

Greetings from the Upper Peninsula

Known for it’s beauty, it’s iron and copper, and now for it’s barbecue sauce.